At your initial appointment you will see our intake counsellor who will gather some information from you.  She will also help you work on safety and stabilization techniques before your start your trauma counselling.  

Individual Counselling

We offer free, confidential and non-judgmental counselling to survivors of sexualized violence. Our counsellors work within a trauma informed framework, to provide compassionate support on your healing journey.  Our counsellors are trained MSW, M.ED Counselling, M.Psych and SSW.  

Trina Office

Peer Support

A Peer facilitator is available through Peer Support of Eastern Ontario to help provide clients in their healing through weekly drop-ins and by appointments.  For more information on our peer support program please contact



Indigenous Counselling

SAC is pleased to offer an indigenous counsellor who provides counselling within an indigenous framework.  Our indigenous counsellor also runs our Healing and Sharing Circle groups.

Group Counselling

Throughout the year we offer groups at no cost and open to all survivors. Additional group topics, such as empowerment, mindfulness and shame may take place throughout the year.  Please check our website regularly for more updated group listings.

  • Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Group

This 10-week trauma-informed group is for adult survivors that wish to better understand the effects of childhood sexual abuse, examine dysfunctional family dynamics, as well as connect with other survivors in a safe, confidential environment. In addition to helping survivors understand the impact childhood sexual abuse has had on their lives, this intensive group also explores the principles of healing and offers guidance on how to begin moving towards a place of self-love and self-compassion.

  • Managing Powerful Emotions

This 12-week skills training group is intended to help you better tolerate and regulate your emotions. The group is designed to help you identify and label your emotions, understand the purpose of your emotions, recognize what activates and intensifies your emotions and understand the relationship between emotions and behaviour.

Group Room